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Established: 1968 AD (57th year of the Republic of China)

Chairman Wang Zhongrong

General Manager Wang Jiehan

Main Products: Electronic Components/Advanced Audio Peripherals/Power Filters/Cable Wheel Seats/Computer USB Peripherals/Sockets of Various Countries/Power Supply Equipment

Business philosophy:

1. Adhere to the concept of safety first: the power supply industry is related to the safety of personal life and property, and all designs are based on safety conditions. Only in this way can customers and users entrust their lives and property safety to us with peace of mind.

2. Adhere to the concept of quality satisfaction: whether internal or external, every object we serve is our "customer". And "customer satisfaction" is "quality". In Li Rong Company, quality is the responsibility of every employee. We should stick to our posts, and with the attitude of pursuing excellence and striving for perfection, we should not only do our best in everything and every task, but also review at any time. To strive for improvement, pursue and maintain "total customer satisfaction", this is the specific practice of "quality is the principle of our work and service".

3. Adhere to the concept of continuous innovation: to ensure the vitality of the enterprise, innovation is the key. If we stop innovating, we will soon face decline and failure. We must not only pursue innovation in technology, but also in planning, marketing, management and other aspects. Naturally, it is also indispensable to actively build and accumulate the intellectual property rights of the company. It is necessary to always keep the company full of vigor and vitality, and maintain a proactive and efficient attitude at all times to cope with the rapidly changing industrial characteristics.

4. Adhere to the long-term strategy and pursue the concept of sustainable management: We firmly believe in the truth that "people have immediate worries without long-term concerns". As long as we can do a good job in long-term strategic planning and implement it conscientiously, short-term sprints that are relatively urgent will be overwhelmed. decrease very much. Therefore, in addition to making a long-term strategic plan for the next five years every year, in our daily work, we should also implement long-term results and recovery to a relatively high degree. Power products are an industry that never goes down. As long as we look to the future, we will be able to operate sustainably.

About us

Uphold the highest quality. The business philosophy of perfect service. Sustainable development. Profit sharing